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New profile menu

Linknest now has a friendly and simple profile menu. Quickly access your profile, faq, blog and logout.


Check for duplicates

Curious if you’ve already added a specific url before? Linknest will now tell you. When adding a new link, Linknest will scan your collection for duplicates and remind you right away. A nice little UX detail.

Display modes

Display modes is available to all users and allows you to view your links and lists in list, grid och expanded mode.


Go check it out!

List enhancements

1. You can now directly visit link urls without going through the link page, even if you’re not logged in, or when visiting lists added by other users. Just click the icon in the upper right corner.


2. When you’re on a list, adding a link now adds it to the overview grid instantly, like on the start page.

3. When you’re on a list and want to add new links, the current list name is already preselected for you.

Some tweaks for a better user experience.
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